Mustache transplantation

The exact solution in case of no hair grow over the lips or absence of adequate frequency is mustache transplantation.

The hair follicles which will be planted on mustache zone are available in the neck between two ears which is called donor area.

The follicles in this area are taken with punches of 0,6mm and with fue method.
The hair transplantation will be done by opening the channels with required angle on the areas where the hair follicles are thin or the areas with no hair.

Any wound, scar, surgical scars, burn scar, problems such as hair loss in mustache affects people also psychologically. It is possible to get rid of this scar with mustache transplantation.

Our proffesional team has the required experience in mustache transplantation.

The hair follicles are taken by FUE technique and it is planted on the needed area with appropriate frequency for a natural look of mustache transplantation.

Beard and Sideburn transplantation

The beard transplantation is possible for people with no beard but also possible for people with less density of beard, with burn scar, surgical scar, with regional hair loss or any other scar.

The donor area in beard and sideburn transplantation is the same as in hair transplantation in the neck between two ears, Hair follicles in this area are taken by fue technique one by one with a punch of 0,6mm and planted on the needed area.

Beard and mustache transplantation has done in five stages.
The first stage is preparation stage. The transplantation area and the donor area will marked and the person will receive detailed information about the operation.

The second stage is stage of anesthesia. For this stage the patient had two options.
The first one is local anesthesia, in this case the needed area of the patient with a full stomach will anesthetize with little injections. After a few minutes the patient will not feel any pain.

The second option is sedation + local anesthesia. This is especially an option for people who has fear for injection.
In case of this method after 5 hours of starving the patient gets sedation.
While patient sleep in effect of sedation, the local anesthesia will be done.
After anesthesia the patient will be awaken. Durin the operation the patient will be awake.

The third stage is Fue. The grefts which will be transfered will taken by punchs from the donor are one by one.

The fourth stage is openening the channels. In this stage channels will be opened in the desired direction and the angle, This stage is very impotant. The required frequency and the place of grafts determined at this stage.

The fifth stage is transplantation stage. The taken grafts will placed with right direction into the opened channels one by one.


Important things to do before the beard tranplantation

Don’t use any alcohol (3-7 days) before the operation and reduce smoking.

Don’t use any medicine like aspirin before 1 week of the operation.

Sleep about 8 hours before the operation.

Please choose comfortable clothes with zipper or button that you can wear out during the operation.

Please do not shave at least 3 days before the beard operation.

If you have been any surgery, chronic diseases or if you use any medicine, please tell this to the doctor before the operation.

Please make breakfast before beard transplantation and eat something light during the operation.

Please don’t be late for the operation appointment.

Important things to do after the beard tranplantation

Don’t use any alcohol at least one week after the operation and reduce smoking.

Use the received medicine in right way and time.

Please visit next day our hair transplantation center to remove the bandage.

After the operation avoid contact with planted area by lying on back.

After the operation don’t hit the planted area especially during the first week. Do not scratch and be careful for friction with your clothes.

Keep your beard moist by using body lotion during 2 months.

In case of itching use the lotion you got from us.

Use the sun cream of 50 factor before 15 minutes you go outside during 2 months after the beard operation.

Avoid contact with your face when greeting during 1 week after the operation.

Avoid sporting, swimming, sauna, sea or sun during 1 one after the operation.

After 20th day of the operation light exercise and hiking is allowed.

Beard transplantation process

Within 15 days after beard transplantation the beard will grow and after 15 days the beard will pour out. In 30th day the vast majority will pour out and in 100th day the beard will start to grow. The density of beard occurs in 6-9 months. The most of them will grow in 12th month. You can see the final result in 18th month.